February 07, 2012

Windows 8 New Features

Microsoft support going to lunch most awaiting Microsoft Windows 8 operating system with some new and advance features. It is the codename for the next version of the Microsoft Windows computer operating system following Windows 7 support. It has many changes from previous versions. In particular it adds support for ARM microprocessors in addition to the previously supported x86 microprocessors from Intel and AMD. A new Metro-style interface has been added that was designed for touch screen input in addition to mouse, keyboard, and pen input. Its server version is codenamed Windows Server 8. It will be released in late 2012.

New features

1. Windows 8 will contain a new user interface based on Microsoft's design language named Metro. With the new change, the Start Menu was replaced in favor of the new Start Screen, where there are tiles that contain shortcuts to applications, Metro style applications, and updating tiles, similar to Windows Phone. The concept of having a starting screen with applications grouped by type is a reimplementation of the Program Manager concept.

2. A new authentication method allows users to sketch in three different places over the picture to login, instead of typing a password.

3. Windows Explorer now uses a ribbon interface, similar to those used in Microsoft Office applications.

4. Another feature expected to be introduced in Windows 8 is native USB 3.0 support, without the need to load drivers.

5. Windows 8 can be run from a USB-connected drive, such as a flash drive. This feature is called Windows To Go. It is intended for enterprise administrators to provide users with a Windows 8 image that reflects the corporate desktop; pricing and licensing details were not discussed when the feature was announced.

6. Windows 8 will support multiple monitors with the new ability to natively display different background images on each display and customized taskbar on each of the connected displays.

7. One big change is that user accounts do not have to be local-only (or from an Active Directory domain) anymore but can be linked up to one's Windows Live ID. This has the advantage that users will not lose their settings as they move from their home computer to their work laptop or to any other computer also using Windows 

8. Other new features include a new Welcome screen, a new packaged application model called AppX that is based on Silverlight, and Open Packaging Conventions, as well as a setting to automatically adjust window color to fit the wallpaper.

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