January 24, 2012

Tips to download critical Microsoft windows updates

Many software packages have bugs and other issues that are not discovered until after the initial release. From time to time, these newly discovered security vulnerabilities and exploits are targeted by malicious virus and internet worm writers.

When these vulnerabilities are discovered, Microsoft will quickly issue warnings and software patches to eliminate the threats they pose to their software users. Unless you are made aware of these threats through media reports, or through conversations with friends, you probably are not aware of the ability to have Microsoft Windows automatically update itself to incorporate these critical updates and security patches. 

Microsoft's Windows Update site is an Internet resource that can be used to keep Microsoft Windows running in tip-top shape. In addition to the ability to update Microsoft Windows automatically, products such as Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer can be updated as well to eliminate any known issues and to incorporate security patches.
  •   You can initiate a Windows Update session in a number of ways. You can click your Start button, and then click on the Windows Update button on the top of the initial menu.
  •   Browse the page, and when ready to see what updates could be applied to your current Windows installation, click the Product Updates link.
  •  The system may download a small application that scans your configuration to detect which programs can be updated and which patches it should apply. If you are asked to approve the download of this small application, just allow it to proceed by clicking Always trust Microsoft and then click the YES button to proceed.
  •  Once this application has completed scanning your system it will present you with a list of updates and patches which are classed in order of priority. Critical system updates are shown first, as these are deemed most important by Microsoft and should be applied first.
  •  Any critical updates will be check marked automatically, and in order to receive them via a download session, simply press the download button to proceed.
  •   Proceed by accepting the terms of the agreement and click the Yes button to start the download.
  •  The update process has now begun. You can follow the progress of the update and see which modules are being updated by viewing the online screen.
  •   This may take considerable time depending on your connection speed, so judge the download scheduling accordingly.

 O  Once completed the system may ask you to RESTART the machine. Do this to ensure stability with the changes made by the update process.

Once your system has rebooted, visit again on this blog  for Microsoft support , as further updates may need to be applied.

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