February 08, 2012

Top 4 reasons you can't avoid Antivirus

For this Blog, I decided to write about the top 4 reasons one should use Anti-Virus software. Anti-Virus software is fairly common, and a lot of people use it. However, there are also millions of users who insist that they do not need any type of anti-virus software for virus removal. These people are wrong though. To prove this, here is my list of the top 4 reasons you should use Anti-Virus Software. 

1. Viruses are Everywhere:

This is so true. Viruses are everywhere. Millions of e-mails are being sent per day with viruses included with them. online virus removal is by far one of the most common services requested. The sheer number of viruses makes it likely that you will get hit with a virus sooner or later, even if you make it a habit of staying safe on the internet. 

2. Virus Severity:
When people think of computer viruses, they think of them slowing down your computer or making the computers unable to load. However, viruses can do much worse. Viruses can delete all of your data. Viruses can e-mail all of your friends and infect them as well from your computer. Viruses can even obtain your credit card numbers and send them to hackers resulting in charges of thousands of dollars. 

3. Ease of Infection:
Another reason to download anti-virus software is that it is fairly easy for a virus to infect your system. Viruses can some in many different ways. For instance, you can even be infected by a virus just by going to a website. There are many security holes in Windows which can lead to a virus infection.

4. It's Easy:
It is fairly easy to install anti-virus software. In addition, there are many anti-virus software programs that are absolutely free to use. You don't even have to pay for future updates. These anti-virus software programs are used by millions of users every day and prevent a countless amount of infections. 

It takes only a few minutes for virus removal, and it can later prevent you from losing all of your data.

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