February 02, 2012

How to Boost Wireless Internet Speed

This Wireless support help blog allows you to get online without worrying about a line connection & also sharing tips to find best online technical support services. You might have a wireless signal from your city or your location, or you might create a wireless Internet signal by using a wireless router with your cable, broadband or DSL Internet. No matter how you get your wireless signal to start with, there are a few ways you can boost your Internet speed.


1.  Move your wireless modem or your wireless router to a central location. If you cannot do this, add another router and put that in a more central location. This will allow you to have faster Internet access no matter where you are.

2. Move your computer closer to the wireless modem or router, especially if it is in another room or on another floor. Generally, the closer you get to the signal, the better your signal strength and the faster your connection will be. Also find here some additional tips if your Dell laptop's wireless is not working.

3. Replace your antenna on your modem or router. Contact the company that built the equipment to do this. Replacing the equipment can provide a stronger signal.

4. Place your router or modem away from the floor and make sure nothing metal is around it, such as file cabinets or metal furniture. The metal can cause your connection to slow down.

5. Click on your router properties within your Internet computer file. Click on "router channels" and try different router channels until you find one that has a faster signal. There are lots of channels to choose from, and changing the channel often means a faster.

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