February 14, 2012

McAfee Wireless Protection:How to Install

McAfee Wireless Protection is more than just anti-virus software for virus removal. This program can help block hackers from getting into your wireless network. Blocking internet thieves is just as important for individuals as it is for small businesses. So here this blog will help you to keep secure your wireless network using McAfee wireless protection.

Steps to install McAfee Wireless Protection

1. Use Security Center to scan for viruses and prevent spyware. Once you install McAfee Wireless Protection, you can set your Security Center to scan regularly or retrieve automatic updates by clicking on the icon on your desktop.

2. Activate Quick Clean to keep your computer's drive space open. Open up Quick Clean, and you can automatically delete passwords, cookies and other personal information that your computer might store while surfing the Internet. Quick Clean also organizes your desktop icons and shortcuts.

3. Use Shredder to permanently delete unwanted files. Windows still retains old documents even after you sent them to and removed them from the recycle bin. By setting up McAfee Shredder, documents that get removed from your recycle bin will be permanently deleted from your computer so that hackers and other internet eavesdroppers cannot get to them.

4. Install McAfee Network Manager, and you can monitor the protection levels of other computers in your network. Network Manager lets you use a network map to keep track of you entire network in an easy and efficient way.

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