April 11, 2011

How to Disable Your Avast AntiVirus

Avast is an antivirus computer program that detects and removes viruses and spyware. The antivirus software is able to keep your personal files and information safe while keeping any intruders at bay. 

Avast Free Antivirus  is well designed and generally easy to use. Avast Free Antivirus also had a low impact on PC performance. Besides general protection, Avast Antivirus software protects you when you use the following: 
  1. Web browsers
  2. Instant Messaging Programs
  3. P2P Programs
  4. Wireless or Wired Internet
  5. Web-Based Email and Microsoft Outlook.
The steps below details you with how to disable Avast AntiVirus

1.      Right Click on the Avast icon in the system tray

2.      Click on “Program Settings” and then

3.      Click on “Troubleshooting”

 4.      Place a tick next to Disable avast! self-defense module Click  “OK”

5.      At the prompt that appears, click “Yes”

6.      Right Click on the Avast icon in the system tray and click “Stop On-Access protection”

7.      At the prompt that appears, click “Yes”

Feel free to get online technical support to fix your computer problems. Just Call on Toll-Free number(1-866-541-1792) & get 24*7 expert help for online diagnostic and troubleshooting.



  2. 2 years avast has stalled me for 3 min. at start up. i have an old lap top and thinking seriously about destroying it thanks to AVAST security. word of advice -never buy a used computer and definitly don;t "EVER" purchase avast security/

  3. i'm expecting an email in response. let us resolve this issue.-brucekyser@yahoo.com

  4. This is great! This has been my greatest problem until I read your article! thanks! :)

  5. I don't have an icon in the taskbar but i know it is running (it appears in task manager but it won't let me "end process") wth do i do?

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  7. Anonymous is so right to say "never purchase Avast security." The free worked fine with my Firefox and SpyBot for over a year. Then I purchased "avast!Internet Security." It stalled opening and I requested cancellation, which Avast did but told me I had to uninstall the program. I've been working for a week to try to uninstall it--not an easy task. Meanwhile the security is compromised. I hope no one else makes this mistake

  8. I really like your post , And way to understanding. you define all point very clear taht is really easy to understand.

  9. Avast kills programs when you start them. The only way I can run programs I bought for school use is to turn off Avast. It also prevents Webcourses from working correctly in the browser. It will block a page from time to time and say it unsafe, so either CNET and similar tech sites have infected news article pages or Avast has many false positives.

  10. Stop Avast Free v7.xxx to install a new program - Win XP - June 2012

    The above instructions did not work for me, when I tried to install a new program, but, the below instructions did.

    1. Download program, and store in a folder on desktop.

    2. Turn off internet connection. (so evil does not try to enter unprotected computer)

    3. Open Avast Free v7.xxx

    4. On left side of Avast window, select *Real-Time Shields*. On right side of (same) window will appear (upper right) *STOP* button. Click on it.

    5. A drop down menu (time) selection will appear. I personally selected *Stop until restart of computer*, affording me plenty of time.

    6. From desktop, open folder with program, and install as per directed.

    7. When finished, restart computer. New program will be installed, and Avast will be running as usual.


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