April 05, 2011

How to make Windows 7 Speed up

Windows 7 is most popular operation system. Many people use windows 7 because of this the only latest and advanced operating system. If you have installed Windows 7 operation system and you want to make faster windows 7 firstly you need to fulfill hardware requirements.

o 1GHz processor (32- or 64-bit)
o 1GB of main memory
o 16GB of available disk space
o Support for DX9 graphics with 128MB of memory
o A DVD-R/W drive

Clean up registry:-Clean up your registry this is also most effective way to make windows 7 Faster because most of operating system error comes due to windows registry.

Disable the search indexing: This is also help you out fast find files that are previously called for. If you are not a frequent system searcher, these services do harm than good for you as they take up your valuable resources without notifying you.

 Remove unnecessary fonts: As you aware about that Windows 7 provide many fonts. In order to get rid of unused fonts go to control panel and Remove the fonts as much as you can do. Once you do it may help to make windows 7 speed up.

Regularly run Anti-virus application installed: In order to make windows 7 faster you need to scan your system. Regularly scanning is the best way to make speed up for windows 7.

By using these instruction any Problems comes then you can take online technical support from any third party.V tech-squad is among one of emerging third party technical support service providers, you can reach them at their Toll Free No +1-866-541-1792 For US/CA.

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