March 29, 2011

How to make window XP Faster

Are you facing of problem of slow Windows XP start-up. If you need to make faster you’re window xp you need to follow few import step to get rid to this problem.

Hard Drive maintenance- In order to make quick boot your computer you can defragment the hard disk. When the disk is fragmented, data is stored in numerous area; this implies it has to be search and put mutually before being used.

Add more memory – Most important step is you need to increase RAM. Adding extra RAM to speeds up the windows xp boot procedure. Then it will not slow while starting up.
Removing programs during start up - There may a number of applications that are automatic set to load up when the PC boots. Remove unwanted ones can speed up windows xp booting substantially.

Cleaning your registry - This is the most important thing you can do repair broken registry files can help in many ways including faster boot ups. In this case you can take registry cleaners to do fast clean.

Installed window updates. The last think you need to do XP faster make sure you have all the window updates installed .

By using this step your any problem comes related to window XP then you can take window XP support from online service provider. V tech-squad is also leading one of best third party technical support service providers, you can reach them at their Toll Free No +1-866-541-1792 For US/CA.

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