March 03, 2011

How to Setup and Configure Your Belkin Wireless Router for Remote Desktop

Owing to the massive popularity of home networking services, wireless routers have rapidly gained major foothold in businesses and even households also. A wireless router is designed to allow wireless communication between a user and its PC for internet access or playing media files etc. within a selected/limited area. For that matter, Belkin Wireless routers present an excellent choice for enjoying internet access wireless.  

Though Belkin Wireless routers support all the OS (operating system) versions, still, Windows XP users may experience problems setting up Windows Remote Desktop. With Windows Remote Desktop, you can access your machine anytime provided that you have setup your computer correctly. For Windows XP, you need to manually setup the Belkin router and give authorization for a remote desktop connection. If not setup correctly, the Belkin router will not let you access the remote connection. The article is intended to guide you about setup & configuration of your Belkin Wireless routers.

1.         Click "Start," then "Run,"  type "CMD" in search bar and press "enter."

2.         Type ipconfi  and press enter. Your IP address is the set of numbers across from "IP Address" Write this sequence of numbers down, including the decimals.

3.         Open the web browser(Intenet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome), and type "" press enter

4.         Click "Login" It will ask for the login details and then "Submit." There will be no password needed unless you have designated one at an earlier date. In that case, enter the password you gave the router, and click "Submit."

5          Click "Virtual Servers" located under the "Firewall" list, then click "Enabled."

6.         Enter "Remote Desktop" as the general description name.

7.         Type "3389" in both fields labeled "Inbound port."

8.         Select "Both" under TCP and UDP options.

9.         Click on the 'Private IP address" box, and enter IP address you wrote down in Step 2.

10.       Type "3389" in both fields labeled "Private Port." Click "Apply changes," and exit the web browser.

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