March 29, 2011

How to protect your computer from USB Virus

Today uses of USB devices or flash disks are increasing day by day. As they can accommodate large amount of files because of its large storage capacity ranging from 128MB to 32GB. But these devices are also the best medium for viruses? Viruses from your USB can infect your computer silently because of its stealth features. They can enter in your computer without your permission. There are different kinds of viruses that can harm your computer and that can also cause your system to run abnormally.
There many viruses which will disable your tasks manager, shut downs your computer, make your computer slow down, the most common USB virus is the one who hides your files stored in your USB. You may think that your files had been deleted but normally, these viruses will hide your files and you can access your files by doing these steps: 

a)      Go to your folder options.
b)      Go to the view tab and then select “Show hidden files, folders and drives” and press ok.
c)      Check your USB if your file has been recovered.
d)     Highlight your hidden files and then uncheck the hidden option located in its properties.
To protect your computer from viruses, you should get a virus removal. These are software designed to scan your computer and will remove the infected files. Make sure that you have a reliable antivirus program to block viruses from entering your system, and also make sure that it’s up-to-date because there are new viruses out there that may not be detected by your antivirus if it’s not updated. And also, be careful in inserting your flash disks in internet cafĂ©’s or shops because most of them do contain viruses. You can also use a program called USB DISK SECURITY to protect your computer. It will automatically detect if your USB has a virus and it will ask you to delete it. This will be your guard against USB viruses.

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