March 25, 2011

Is Spyware is major problem?

Is spyware is major problem? Yes it is now a day’s spyware become major problem for internet user. This type of virus comes in different ways in your computer. Once it get in to your computer then it can harm your computer in many ways like your password, your personal information, credit card numbers and more information could be hijacked. Spyware can be poses your information that is biggest threat for internet user.

How Does affect Your Computer?

Some times your homepage r browser can be changed.
Your PC run very slow,
You experience frequent crashes or freezing
A new search bar or toolbar has been found in your browser
unused icons comes on your desktop
Pop up comes in your computer.
Numerous error messages are pop up all over the place
it may happen you are no able to access the task manager, regedit, msconfig

How to get rid of spyware? You can run always spyware removal software in a week to keep your PC . Once you start spyware removal that would be best way to protect your valuable data in your computer.

There are lots of free spyware removal software programs comes online. A best basic tool to free from spyware then you can use Ad Aware SE by Lava Soft. Ad Aware SE is a best spyware removal program to get started with. You can download the personal version of this spyware remover free of charge. AVG Antispyware and Spybot are free spyware removers that also work well.

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  1. Install firewall and keep it updated. Install some good ant-virus and scan the system regularly. This is the step that can be taken to keep our system protected from virus. For rest, there is online tech support.


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