March 14, 2011

Windows Vista Running Slow – How to Speed Up Windows Vista

When your Windows Vista starts to run slowly its because of the following symptoms:

1. Your laptop takes forever to boot up;
2. Your PC stops responding if you run more than two applications at the same time
3. You get registry errors or popping-ups all the time.

Reasons for your PC slow running can easily be found. Improper settings on your Startup items, insufficient RAM and the accumulation of Registry corruptions are the reasons for your PC slow running.

Following are the tips to speed up your Windows Vista instantly

To speed up a slow running computer and make it run like a new one again, you can take these simple steps:

1. Reset the items that you have added into Startup.

Click the "Start" button and then click  “Run” type "msconfig" in search bar and press. You will see the System Configuration Utility. Click Startup and keep those programs which are necessary for you. For those useless ones, you should eliminate them immediately.

2. Sufficient RAM is the guarantee of a computer running. If your laptop becomes more and more slowly, you should add more RAM on it and you will be surprised by its performance again.

3. Clean up the redundant Registry corruptions that stored on your system. With the regular use of your Windows Vista, it will accumulate more and more Registry entries and corruptions on your system. They will not only occupy PC space, but also slow down its running. You should get an excellent Registry cleaner to help you resolve this problem effectively.

By taking the above actions, your PC will start running fast again.

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