March 07, 2011

Key Features Setting of Norton Internet Security 2011

Norton Internet Security 2011 is one of the best computer security software. Now Norton internet security providing a number of popular tool which will help you to secure your computer from virus Norton Internet Security 2011 best choice for protecting our computer from virus.
Computer Protection Settings
Intelligent skip scanning - you always off this option so that Norton will not charge when scanning files! Norton scans all the files in, rar, cab or jar and zip rar formats.

Scanning performance: you need to change the setting Full scan change in to standard Trust to do scan all files. The already setting skips scanning of files that have a trusted digital signature,
Boot time protection: the default comes in normal that’s means plug-in and driver will load before Norton starts protecting the computer. You need to Change the setting by choosing Aggressive then Norton will automatically load its protection before any drivers load. This is very useful feature to protect against rootkit infection.

Real-time protection settings:

Auto Protect -Caching - Turn off this option to allow Norton to check all files in real-time, If you keep caching on, Norton will not scan files that you often access.

SONAR Advanced Mode – you need to change the setting from Automatic to Aggressive. That will allow the on-access protection to detect malware using behavior-based detection.

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  1. Awesome setting..This is good to see that it skips scanning of files that have a trusted digital signature. It really save our lot of time. Digital signature is also used for the identification of the sender whether he is right or not.


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