April 11, 2011

How to Increase Your Laptop Speed? Simple Tips

Are You Struggling with your laptop bad performance? If your laptop running slow and you want to make your laptop run like a new laptop without spending and money and time then you need to follow few instruction.

Scan your Computer for Viruses and Spywares: First most important Step to remove all viruses and spywares may affect your computer. If in your is already affected viruses or spyware you can installed best virus removal program.

Remove unwanted programs and files:- If your laptop is having unwanted or unused programs so you need to remove all unwanted unused files software as well you can remove expired programs and files.

Empty your Recycle Bin: Many times it happens once you delete any files it store in recycle bin then you need to remove those files OR simply you have to empty recycle bin.

Add sufficient RAM on your Laptop:-If you are having low ram, then your laptop may run slow in that case you can add more Ram in your computer.

Clean Windows Registry:-The last step what you need to do clean window registery. As you aware windows registry database contains huge number of entries and registry keys. Clean windows registry that help you to make good your laptop performance.

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  1. Great Tips. And be sure to install anti-virus and anti-spywares on your laptop. Frequently, viruses are the main reason why your laptop is responding so slow.


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