April 26, 2011

Tips to make windows 7 faster

Many people ask how to make Windows 7 faster, in this blog there are few tips to  make Windows 7 faster. If you want to improve Windows 7 performance, the most important thing is to install proper and compatible drivers for all the major components in the system. The next thing that you need to do is to make it clean. You have to provide proper protection against all types of malware.

Below are few tips to run Windows 7 faster:-

1.         Disable the Unwanted Visual Effects:-

There are many unwanted visual effects that can be safely disabled to speed up windows7

  • Right click on “ Computer” and  then click “Properties” .
  • Click on  “Advanced System Settings ” “System   Properties ” window.
  • Select the “Advanced”,   then under “Performance ” click  “Settings” . Choose  “Custom: ” Options From it.
  • Now un-tick all the options and select only the last four options.
  • Now just logoff your system and turn logon.

2.         Clear Start up List

When you start the system, several programs are loaded with Windows. Not all of these programs are necessary for start up. The unused processes only decrease the system performance. So remove all such unwanted process from the list. 

3.         Keep windows7 up to date with latest device drivers

4.     And last but not the least, install only necessary software’s in that drive in which you have installed your operating system.

             Windows 7 is a very popular operating system.  However, there are actually quite a few problems which can affect users. If your computer is slow you can get  few tips to make windows 7 faster along with the blog post available at "How to make Windows 7 faster"

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  1. Thanks Monica.
    Earlier there was issue that I was not able to work with speed but because of your Instruction I am now able to do.


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