April 07, 2011

What are the cause of BSOD Error

BSOD Stand for blue screen of death, it is an error that comes on a computer running. it can be happened on any operating system. This error is call BSOD because when this error comes screen turns in to blue and the computer encounters a crash that needs a reboot. Most of the error comes in Microsoft Windows operating systems. Usually a BSOD error comes when a program is look for something in a particular spot and won't find it and some time it happens program can’t access memory.

Few Reason of BSOD Error

Memory Issues – RAM is the biggest cause of BSOD. IF your PC is having Low ram this will be the make a reason of BSOD. Upgrade your RAM in order to get rid of this problem.
Software Problems –You installed a software incorrectly that can be a reason for BSOD so make software should be installed proper manner.

Virus Infection: virus infection is the biggest cause of BSOD error. A virus or malicious program enters in your computer then it may cause of BSOD. In that case you can Scan your computer from any best virus removal software.

Windows Registry Errors: if your computer having corrupted or damaged, registry entries that also cause of BSOD. In that case you can run registry removers in your pc.

Unsupported hardware is installed– If the unsupported hardware is installed in your computer that can be reason of BSOD.

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