April 07, 2011

How to speed up Windows Vista

Compared to Windows XP, Vista is a much heavier operating system. It has lots of great applications, like Sync Center, Tablet PC support, Speech Recognition, and BitLocker Drive Encryption, but they can slow down your computer, especially if it doesn’t have enough RAM or has a weak CPU. It’s possible to speed up Windows Vista by disabling silent running programs, deleting unnecessary files, disabling programs at startup and defragmenting your hard drive.

1. Click "Start" and then open the "Run" Type "services.msc" and press "Enter." This will give you a list of silent applications running in the background of Windows Vista. Look through the list and identify the programs you do not need to run. Double-click each of these services and then select "Disable" in the startup column.

2. Click "Start" and then select "My Computer." Double-click the C drive. Go through each folder and look for files and programs that can be deleted. Unnecessary programs and files slow down your operating system.

3. Click "Start" and then select the "Search" function. Type "System" into the search bar and press enter. Select the msconfig program displayed in the search results. Click the "Startup" menu in the program. Look over the list of programs that load automatically upon starting up Vista. Uncheck the box next to programs you don't need when booting up. All of the start-up programs can be disabled with the exception of anti-virus software and Windows Defender without causing any damage to your computer.

4. Click "My Computer" and select your main hard drive. Right-click this disc and then select "Properties." Select the "Tools" tab inside the new window. Choose the "Defragment Now" option. Windows Vista will begin defragmenting your disc which should speed up performance. Check the box next to "Run On a Schedule" in the Disk Defragmenter application. Click the "Modify Schedule" button and then choose a weekly time to automatically defragment your drive. Click the "OK" button.

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