September 06, 2012

Top Applications for Windows 8

What are applications? Applications, better known as Apps are software programs that run on computers, phones, tablets, or any such electronic devices. Apps help users perform their routine or rare tasks quickly and easily. For example, iPhone has a photo sharing app that lets you share your photos quickly on Facebook, Twitter, or any such website. Apps are very useful and powerful tools to keep you in the loop and know and let you organize your life. With that in mind, Microsoft has also introduced apps in its much-anticipated OS ‘Windows 8’. I am going to discuss two wonderful and useful apps that can help you stay updated and organized all the time without hassles and making much effort.
Wordpress – Microsoft took a revolutionary step by launching the Wordpress app to the Windows Store. The metro-style app is designed for those bloggers and readers who like to have the original, fresh, straight-from-the-press content for sharing and re-sharing them. You can like, follow, blog, or re-blog any content directly from the Wordpress website.
Besides, you can share content, link, quotes, or photos straight from any application in Windows 8 to your personal blog. If you are an avid blogger, Wordpress app is here for you to instantly write content, publish it and share across all the apps via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram etc. The app integrates Semantic Zoom, a gesture that lets you overview worth of posts by dates. You can download the app (it’s of course a free app) from the Windows Store to start blogging, reading, or sharing the best, original, quality content from your favorite Wordpress site. If you need help downloading or using the app, you can contact Windows 8 support.
Evernote – Remember the sticky notes that you use to jot down an important task! It definitely reminds you of wishing someone birthday, buying groceries on returning home, or assigning task to your junior colleague among other things but in a duller manner! You may also be habitual of creating an alarm or reminder in your Smartphone or iPhone to help remember or take note of anything that ever seems important to you. Keeping this in mind, Microsoft launched the Evernote app to Window 8. It simplifies your task of remembering anything, everything anywhere in your world.
It’s time to get past sticky notes, reminders! If you ever need to make a note of anything, use Evernote and experience a rich Metro-style graphics experience to remember everything from Sunday Brunch, birthdays, restaurant lists, recipes, to important office assignments. Unlike sticky notes or reminders, Evernote will automatically sync your notes among your PC, Smartphone, and tablet etc. for you to remember everything whether on-the-go or in your home.
The app will also help you find wine labels and whiteboard photos and capture design and idea inspiration for creating rich, graphics-based notes. With Evernote, you can stay organized wherever you are and whatever you are doing. What’s more, this is again a free app that will cost you nothing but offer you everything that will help you remember even a small thing in your life.
***If you need help downloading or using any Windows 8 app, contact Windows 8 technical support. If you are considering an upgrade to Windows 8, check the Windows 8 upgrade essentials before you do so.

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