March 05, 2012

How to fix if sound not working on your Dell laptop

If your DELL laptop does not producing any sound then its time to check that what is problem actually. Start from basic and check more resources for Dell help  -

Step1: First, check that audio cables are plugged into the right audio jack or not. Sometime this cables are plugged into wrong audio jack, cable come out when moving your laptop on table or may be cable has been fired up. If everything is OK now check your laptop sound device setting.

Step2: Open "Control Panel" and select "Sounds and Audio Devices".

Step3: Now double click on "Volume" icon and verify the mute button is unchecked. If the volume is turned down, drag the volume cursor up to see if you can hear anything. If you are using Windows 7 operating system,it may be possible that this is Windows 7 low volume problem, need to fix it.

Step4: You forget to install sound driver during installing operating system on your laptop? So first check that drivers are properly install or not. If it is not install, install it. If already installed, try to update it.

Step5: Still you are not getting any sound on your dell laptop so it also possible that the sound card is possibly dead. If the computer uses on-board sound (meaning there is no separate card with sound jacks on it), that is more problematic. That part on the board cannot be replaced without replacing the whole motherboard, normally. In either case, install a new sound card and use its jacks for audio.

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