March 16, 2012

How to install a Dell printer

Dell offers variety of printers with different sizes, looks & features. Whether you have a laser jet that capable of producing professional-grade color or you are using the affordable ink jet, they are all tailored to meet large or small office needs. (Also find here how to restore a dell computer to factory settings  ...) 

Before installing any dell printer, must read the dell help manual guide provided by dell for installation. The installation of dell printer is a easy procedure that allows your computer to communicate with the printer to perform the desired functions. With following easy steps, you can install it within minutes & use it according as your needs. And the steps are -

Step1: Insert original dell printer driver CD in your computer that will be automatically detected by your computer and open the installation window. If it will not show, open CD-ROM from my computer.

Step2: After open the CD-drive you find a terms & condition form, and click on "I accept" radio button and select the location to install the printer driver in system.

Step3: Now install the driver completely with following all instruction and after that restart your computer now.

Step4: Now navigate to the printer driver’s page and select the drivers that are needed for your printer. Every driver is listed under the printer it supports. 

Step5: Now choose your OS and click on "Download Now" button.

Step6: After download it, follow the final prompts to install the printer driver and restart your computer.

Now connect your dell printer with your computer and finally it is ready to use.

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