May 30, 2011

Benefits of installing Windows Updates

Microsoft has been striving hard to improve the users' experience with Microsoft products, exaggerating about Windows Updates is one among those efforts that it is making. However, Windows users who apparently know that Windows is highly vulnerable to virus attacks and technical glitches are least interested in getting what Microsoft suggests.

Improve PC Performance- Windows Updates replace the old and buggy program files with new ones that fix a flaw (if there is any) and help a program interact well with other programs, applications, and devices etc. Updates and features repair the internal Windows components and establish smooth interaction between them and all the applications. This makes Windows operating system faster and more stable.

Enhance Security- Windows Updates help improve your PC's defense against old and new viruses, spyware, malware, keylogger, worms, Trojans, and root-kits among other dangerous infections. Updates are the new virus definition files that tell your security software about a virus' behavior and instructions that guard your PC against it. If you don't update your security software, then it won't have necessary tools to fight with latest and everyday growing threats, exposing your confidential and financial data to greater risk.

Fix Internal Glitches- Updates regularly re-tunes the settings and repair Windows as well as all the associated programs. Updates remove the glitches that block the Windows from operating at its greater efficiency.

Compatibility- Updates establish compatibility between different applications and their drivers. Hardware manufacturers often release updates drivers for their hardware products. These drivers allow communication between the Windows OS and the hardware. If you don't download the updated drive, your hardware will not work properly. These updates contain latest device drivers that ensure continuance of functioning.

New Features- Updates contain new and improved client packages for various programs such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Security Essentials etc. For example, you are using Internet Explorer 5, the updates will offer you to upgrade to the latest versions such as IE 6, 7, 8, or 9 etc. to improve your browsing experience.

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