May 25, 2011

The Blue Screen of Death - Avoiding the Troublesome Problem

The Blue Screen of Death’ (BSOD) error is One of the common Windows Operating System errors, the Blue Screen of Death casts a ‘STOP’ error screen with error details on it, shutting down the computer forcibly. The Blue Screen of Death error can befall due to numerous reasons such as incorrect Windows installation, incompatible .dll files, hardware or software, virus infection, faulty/corrupted device drivers, and Windows Update among others. 

Fix It Procedure:

Before performing the procedure, ensure that you have no abovementioned problem. If there are incompatible .dll files, remove and reinstall them. Use the Windows disc to repair and/or reinstall the complete OS. Before, you do remove and reinstall, back up your data to an external drive or CD. Update the device drivers, if these are faulty or corrupted then remove and download and install new drivers from the Microsoft’s or the manufacturer’s website.

If you suspect that your machine has caught virus (es), then run a full scan from your anti-virus or anti-spyware and delete the infections if there are any. For corrupted hardware/ software, replace them with the new one (only if they are faulty, if they are not then repair them). Regularly run Windows Update for additional updates and smooth functioning of the computer.

If everything is fine, then follow the instructions below:

• Reboot computer in the ‘Safe Mode’. To access safe mode, you need to continuously tap the ‘F8’ key on the keyboard while the Windows is restarting. Start tapping the key before the Windows logo appears.
• Go to the ‘Start’ menu, and click on ‘Search’
• When the window appears, on the left hand side you will see different options, choose all files and folders, type ‘ctfmon’ or ‘ctfmonb’ (without quotes) in the box, and click on the ‘Search’ button.
• When the search is finished, delete all the ‘ctfmon’ files
• Now, in the search box, type in ‘blackster’ (without quotes) to look for the blackster files, and click on ‘Search’.

 • Delete all the blackster files if there are any
• Now go to the ‘Start’ menu> click on ‘Run’
• When the window appears, type ‘msconfig’ (without quotes) in the box, and click on ‘OK’
• Click on the last tab that says ‘Startup’
• Uncheck all the options in the Window and click on ‘OK’
• It will prompt you to reboot the computer, do it to let the changes take effect
• Restart computer in the normal mode
• It is recommended that you restore your computer to factory defaults settings.

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