May 25, 2012

How to check for latest iTunes updates in Windows

Are you has been tired or confused after search about the latest iTunes updates on windows and you have some frustration when you get different information of different web portals. So we are sharing here easier tips on this windows support blog for how can you easily check for latest iTunes updates in Windows with absolutely no stress:

Step 1: First start your iTunes program on your windows system.

Step 2: Now go to help menu and scroll down and click where the menu reads check for update. It may take few second depend on your internet speed.

Step 3: Now 'Update Now' option will be appear there. When your version of the program is the latest one that is available, a text box will appear on the screen and inform you of this. (also find here step-by-step guide if you’re Netbook really slow & how can you speed-up your Netbook)

Step 4: Now restart your iTunes program once the installation of your update is complete and just to be sure that everything is set up properly.

Sometimes updates become available that you may not need. It is always a good idea to read any information available on an update you are considering. If you have trouble updating your version of iTunes, the help menu can offer extra assistance also.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these instruction, i have been searching solution over this problem and i tried it works.


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