May 16, 2012

Most common router problems & their solutions

To avoid clutter of wire and enjoy mobility at home, most of the users now go for wireless routers. Not only at homes, even all the commercial establishments, universities, malls also integrate Wi-Fi hot zones. Since the use of wireless router has been increasing, the number of complaints related to wireless router is also rising. 

So in this blog, I am sharing here what are the common wireless router problems and find their given solutions below…..also find here how to secure your wireless router.

One of the common problems is that the Adapter or Network is not listed message. You have just set up the wireless connection and then get this problem. In this situation, just remove and reconnect the adapter once or you can also try to uninstall or reinstall the adapter through Device Manager.

Most common router problems & their solutions
You may also find the adapter status is "Not Connected". To fix this wireless not connecting issue, open Networks and click Connect. Sometimes to fix the problem, it may require reconfigure the router. To ensure proper connectivity or to verify it, you can try to Ping. This is a method of sending a message to another PC on the network. It is done to check whether the PC is reachable or not. In order to ping a computer, go to the command prompt. Type 'ping' followed by the IP address of the particular computer.

If you find the pinging of the router fails, use the admin utility of the router to resolve the issue. You need to view Wireless LAN settings and set them according to the wireless connection settings of the client. You should remember one thing that both router and client should be 802.11 standard compatible.

Most commonly the users complain that the connection speed is too slow. Since routers work in the 2.5GHz band and it is also used by other wireless devices, the interface creates problem. To resolve the problem it is recommended to switch off wireless phones and garage door remote controllers. You will find significant improvement in connection speed.

Apart from these, there are many other problems that you could be faced, and to deal with them you can call-us on 1-866-541-1792 for online technical support to get resolution in first call.

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