May 07, 2012

How to secure your computer from hackers

There is one of the most painful & downside to this technological growth speed.Hackers,who creates malicious software to harm user’s data and system. Sometimes the malicious software is made to steal valuable information like credit card numbers. 

secure your computer from hackers
Install tough & protective antivirus: Always use new & improved antiviruses that would be tough for hackers and viruses to destroy your system. But there will always be new and improved versions of a virus that can bypass even the most up-to-date computer defenses and whatever virus removal software you are using. So never disable your firewall that protects your private network from being accessed by an outsider. 

Update your O/S: Everytime when new operating system or new updates release, its not only add latest and improved features but also it make computer defense stronger. Yet, any computer is not 100% secure from hackers & viruses. Find here how to run windows update in windows 7, and be careful when browsing web and avoid....

Avoid shady & untrusted/unreliable websites: Never think that you are free to open & visit any website that you unfamiliar with. The attractive advertisements & offers links of websites not only redirect to their sites but also transfer some most serious virus to your system.

Avoid opening unknown emails attachment: If you get email with attachment and you don’t know the person sending it. Always avoid opening these kinds of emails attachments because sometimes viruses propagate by hijacking email address and spreading to their contacts, and infect your system without your knowledge or permission. 

Common suggestion to users: Never leave your system unattended in public place because someone can browse any shady & untrusted websites which can harm your system that we already discussed above.

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