May 02, 2012

How to fix HP laptop black screen problem

It's frustrating for a Hp laptop user to find that the screen has turned black. These issues can occur for a variety of reasons, such as low battery power or an incorrectly connected AC adapter.

It is most common Hp problems with Hp laptop that affects many of newer HP series laptops like dv9000 and dv6000, where suddenly you get a back-lit black screen on boot. Specially, the touch-bar lights will turn on & the hard drive light will blink, and the machine will actually appear to be booting into an operating system, but the screen will remain black.

Follow here easy steps given by hp support, to fix HP laptop black screen problem -

Step1: First shut down your laptop, and then remove the connected power cables.

How to fix HP laptop black screen problem
Step2: Now verify the connection of your AC power adapter. A number of black screen issues arise due to Hp laptop battery problems. If you plug your power cord back into your Hp laptop and it solves the issue, you may have to replace your machine's battery.

Step3: Now put your laptop in stand-by mode and verify the status of your screen after standby mode. If your blank screen displays properly after standby, verify that you set your power management controls in the best manner.

Go to Control Panel->Security Settings, and enable the Service pack 2 update.     
After successfully updation of service pack 2, system will prompt for restart. It's time to restart your laptop.

Now check that hp laptop black screen problem has been fixed or not.

I hope it will work.

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