May 28, 2012

How to backup your entire digital data online

Online backup (specially Cloud computing) services allow users to save important data online for instant access at any time from anywhere. With online backup services, you can vacation across the world or if your computer hard drive has ever crashed and still take comfort in knowing your important data are safe and accessible from any computer.

If you would like to back up your data with online storage, there are a number of websites and services that provide free storage services for every type of data files like images files, audio or video files, text files or any other data that you want to backup.

First ask to service provider what free services are available such as a free trial period or free storage up to a specific capacity and ask about costs, such as there is an annual cost or a cost per capacity usage or both. Inquire if the backup service will support both Mac and Windows servers and if it will support multiple computers.

And after select the required plans, encrypt important data and zip large files into a folder to compress them before transferring them to an online data backup service providers.

You can get several type of storage options with us which offers enough storage for you to store your all your data files and folders across your PCs and devices and provides enough cloud storage support for your most important files. 

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