September 29, 2011

How to Recover Files Deleted by McAfee

If you are using McAfee for protecting your computer from nasty viruses, spyware etc., But you ever noticed that McAfee may remove important data files from it in its virus removal endeavor. If you have already experienced this and want to recover files deleted by McAfee. The below mentioned tips will help you perform the recovery on your own. This essentially means that you needn’t contact your McAfee technical support for help.

Tips to Recover Files Deleted by McAfee

•    To recover the deleted files you would need to download and run a data recovery tool. You can choose from a wide range of available free or paid tools including DERESCUE data recovery master, Recuva, AusLogics BoostSpeed, Undelete Plus.

•    When prompted, save the file to a location in computer where it can be easily accessed from.

•    Run the save file to initiate the installation procedure. You may need admin rights to run the file.

•    Double click on the icon of the data recovery tool to open it. When prompted about the recovery operation, click on Deleted Recover.

 •    When given the list of all the existing drives in your computer, select the hard disk drive that needs to be recovered the files from and hit the OK button. Under the Folder view, check all the folders and locate the one that has the deleted files in it.

•    Click the folder and highlight the files that need to be recovered in the File List View. Click on the OK button and you will have all your files recovered that were deleted by the McAfee antivirus.

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