September 28, 2011

How to Sync Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac with Address Book

Outlook 2011 for Mac has been out for quite some time now. Mac users who wanted to use it on their Mac computers have been particularly upbeat about it. Outlook 2011 for Mac integrates refurbished interface and a number of enhanced features like sync that wooed Mac users. Yes, you can sync your Mac address book with Outlook 2011. The below mentioned guide will help you do so on your own. This essentially means that you need not contact Microsoft technical support for help. 


• First backup your Mac address book (only precautionary). To do so, open Mac address book, click on the File menu, select Export, and then select Address Book Archive. This will let you delete the duplicates and bring in the clean backup contacts. 

• Disable any third-party sync service that currently exists on your computer. It can be enabled later on after Outlook 2011 has finished synching with the Mac address book.

• Open Outlook 2011, click on Outlook and then select Preferences to open up Outlook Preferences. Click on the Sync Services option and then click to select the box next to Turn on Sync Services for Contacts. It will display the list of options under Select the accounts to sync. Click to select Address Book and then close the window. When prompted for a confirmation, click on the OK button.

• Instead of going to the Preferences in Outlook, click on the Tools tab and then select Sync Services to turn it on. If you face difficulty synching your address book, follow these steps. 

• Open iSync under the Utilities in the Applications window. Navigate to Preferences in the iSync Application menu. Click to check the box next to Enable syncing on this computer (if it is disabled). If you are unable to enable or disable this option, then wait for the sync process to complete. 

• Now retune the Sync History by deleting Plist files. To do so, close all the currently running applications on your computer. Navigate to Go/Home/Library/Preferences. Locate all the files that contain and drag them to the Trash folder. Also, locate the files that contain and similarly put them to Trash. 

• Re-launch Outlook and go to the Tools tab and then Sync Services. Ensure that the Turn on Sync Services for Contacts option is enabled. 

• Close Outlook and navigate to Applications/Utilities/and Activity Monitor. Locate the Sync Services Agent option under the Process Name. Select Sync Services Agent and then click on the Quit option at the upper left corner. Close the Activity Monitor option and then restart Outlook.

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  1. hey there, the sync services box is shadowed out (i can't select the boxes although they are visible) any ideas why this is the case..?! many thanks for your help



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