September 23, 2011

Reasons Why Spyware is So Hard to Remove from Computer

Spyware is a type of adware (advertising-supported software) that secretly collects pieces of a user’s information including internet activities and browsing preferences etc. and transmits it over the internet to the intended client like advertisers. Various media companies barter your information (without your consent and knowledge) with several companies (that want to advertise their products on internet) for a share in the advertising/banner-generated sales.

Spyware usually comes hidden into free tools\shareware programs like banner ads, pop-ups, weather forecast, keygens, and games etc. The program gets automatically installed on your computer when you download any of such programs. It uses your own internet connection to relay the information and invoke other infections such as Trojans, malware, worms, and other tracking programs etc.

Why it is Difficult to Get Rid of Spyware?

The program is installed in your PC as an executable program, and eats its RAM (memory resources) as well as bandwidth, resulting into system crash or other severe problems. Every time you launch a program like Yahoo! Messenger to chat, it will be launched automatically to spy on your chat and relay it to the intended client.

It can hijack your web browser, modify the homepage/computer settings, dial emergency or expensive numbers like 900, or send fake emails to your friends or known etc. Since it remains out of the reach of your security program, it is not possible to remove it manually and completely from your system. It can only be done with an expert help.

Spyware Removal Support

It has matured to become the most sought after service in the last few years. Reasons include the rise in the number of infections and problems caused by spyware, cumbersome spyware removal procedure, and its capability of being hidden and undetected from your security program like anti-spyware. Owing to the lengthiness and cumbersomeness of the manual procedure, it is more than difficult for a normal user to perform it. The best thing to do in this case is to look for expert online spyware and adware removal support. There are several third-party companies that offer the service at affordable prices.

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  1. Spyware is one of the biggest problems your computer can have. They are the main cause of system crashes. To get rid of them, you can install a specialized software or ask an IT support technician to do so, because they can do a lot of harm if they stay too much in the system. As soon as you notice your computer has problems, it's best to do a check-up.


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