November 23, 2011

How to Repair Windows Vista Using Startup Repair

Windows Vista has many more diagnostic and repair tools than its predecessor, Windows XP. These tools enable you to diagnose problems and repair them without having to boot into Windows. One particularly useful feature is the Windows Startup Repair. Startup Repair is an easy diagnostic and repair tool to use when Windows Vista doesn't start correctly. A powerful diagnostic tool, it automates the repair process if you savvy problems booting up. Running the Startup Repair tool will occasionally restore a non-booting Windows Vista system to working order. If you find some difficulties while performing any of the below mentioned steps then you can also take help from Windows Vista Support at their Toll Free No + 1-866-541-1792 For US/CA. 

 Steps to Repair Windows Vista

• Boot your PC from the Windows Vista DVD. You may need to configure the BIOS settings on your computer so the PC will boot from the DVD drive. 

• A message will appear on your system screen "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD." Press a key on your keyboard. 

• Set your language, time, currency format and keyboard or input method when prompted for this information.

• Click the "Repair Your system" option. The "System Recovery Options" dialogue box appears.

• Select the "Windows Vista" installation option. If you need to load drivers for certain devices, click "Load Drivers." Click "Next" to continue.

• Click "Startup Repair" from the list of options that appears. The automatic repair process will begin. Your PC may reboot one or more times. Don't be alarmed – this is a normal part of the repair process.

• Wait for the "System Restore" screen to appear. If you believe that your computer might have been damaged by a recent software installation or other change, run the System Restore program. Otherwise, click "Cancel."

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