November 01, 2011

How to Reset Your Dell Vista Computer

In the following simple solution, I have tried to explain you how to reset Dell Vista Computer. This will save your precious time and money also that would otherwise be spent searching for Microsoft Windows XP support or Dell support alternatively. A Dell computer factory reset will completely erase all files on your computer, and restore the computer to the original factory settings. Dell does not include a Microsoft Vista installation disk for the reformat. Instead, Dell provides the operating system on a separate partition on the hard drive. You must access this partition and run the recovery utility to reset your Dell computer.

•    Remove all peripherals such as printers, USB hubs, network cables, scanners, PDAs, external hard drives and other devices. Leave the monitor, keyboard, and mouse plugged in to the computer.

•    Press the "F8" key on your keyboard as the computer reboots, before the Windows logo appears. Wait for the Advanced Boot Options utility to load.

•    Press the down arrow key on the keyboard to select the option "Repair Your Computer." Press the "Enter" key.

•    Select your language setting and log in as an administrator, if applicable. Click "Dell Factory Image Restore." Click "Next."

•    Click the radio button that says "Yes", reformat the hard drive and restore system software to factory condition. Click "Next."

•    Allow the utility to reset your computer to original factory settings; this may take several minutes. Wait for a dialog window to appear notifying you that the reset has completed. Click "Finish" in the confirmation window; the computer will reboot.

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