November 21, 2011

How to Stop a Fake Anti-Virus Pop-Up

Many computer users are nowadays fooled with Anti-virus pop-ups saying it is either a substitute to anti-virus program or to its utilities. . These viruses plague the user with repeated pop-ups warning them that their computer has become infected. These pop-ups are so frequent that at least once the user heeds an attention towards them and in most cases the user is then prompted to purchase an anti-virus program, which turns out to be useless. These pop-ups cycle is endless and interrupts the performance of your computer which is very frustrating. Fortunately, there is a process for getting rid of these fake anti-virus pop-ups. If you have any issues in removing the virus. You can call Online Virus Removal at their toll free No. +1-866-541-1792.


•    Restart your computer in Safe Mode.

•    Log on to the Internet and go to the Rkill download website. Download the file Rkill file there. It is free

•    Double-click on the Rkill file, and start it immediately after download. The program will open an MS DOS box. Be patient and allow the program to do its work. It may take a few minutes. Move on to the next step once the MS DOS box closes.

•    Go back to the Internet, and download anti-virus software from a reputable source. Download the free anti-virus software there. Follow the easy on-screen instructions to install antivirus software.

•    Launch the Anti-virus program once it is installed. Click on the icon that looks like a computer hard drive, thereby having the program scan all removable media and drives.

•    Click on the "Play" button to start the program. Once the infected file is found, follow the recommended course of action, which usually is simply clicking a button to "move the infected file to chest." Your annoying fake anti-virus pop-ups will be gone.

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