April 16, 2012

Why my computer not restore?

System restore is a very handy tool which provides you an opportunity to undo certain unwanted changes that you made to your computer. System Restore allows the roll back of system files, registry keys, installed programs etc .It automatically saves snapshots or restore points of your Windows system settings and files. 

If computer restore feature is not working in your windows operating system, then start your computer in safe mode. Simply restart your computer again and press F8 when your computer is booting up and select the option from given list that enables you to start your computer in safe mode from the list. (Can restore feature definitely remove virus from computer? Or something else...)

Why my computer not restore?
Your system will open in safe mode. Now try again system restore feature. Finish all required steps and select check point and restart your compute again. You will automatically out of safe mode once you finished restore and restart computer. It can fix your computer not restore problem easily.

But sometime peoples complain that they are still not able to restore computer in safe mode. If you are facing same situation during system restore, then you have option to use windows repair restore disk. If restore disk in optical drive or usb drive, then first you would be need some changes in BIOS setting and select option for making your computer boot from the restore disk.

Now you can easily fix this problem using system restore disk if you are not able to fix this issue in safe mode. But some peoples still complains that they are not able to fix this issue yet. Then I think something is wrong in your system like any virus or malware interrupting with system restore process. Now scan your computer just before system restore for virus removal and now once again try to restore your computer again. Next time choose better antivirus. Find here easy guide for how to delete windows system restore virus.

These system restore methods are same for all windows operating system Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista as well.

So next time when you find system restore not working problem in your computer, don't get hassled, just follow above instruction in this post.

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