April 03, 2012

Fix PC restart without warning problem

Windows systems are configured detect and repair errors automatically. However, this wonderful feature is far from perfect and it is very common windows problem. Often with no warning your system simply restarts. No error message can leave the user clueless to what the next step should be. An error that causes Windows automatic restarts usually goes by the name of a fatal error. Your Windows can suddenly restart or shut down without warning. It means your computer registry is particular damage from such errors. This problem is same for both, desktop and as well as laptop. Find here why laptop randomly shut down?
Fix PC restart without warning problem
You can prevent windows restarts by configuring your computer to stay online if an error occurs and display the responsible error message. Here are some computer windows help repair tips to diagnose this problem -

When a reboot occurs on your windows computer, computer will shutdown randomly or restart without warning. This is the default behavior when Windows XP encounters a system failure. You can manually change this computer failure behavior, just click on "My Computer" and go to "properties" from right click on it. Now in the 'Advanced' tab, click on "setting" button under "Startup and Recovery" option.

Now uncheck "Automatically Restart" under the 'System Failure' box. When next time your computer shutdown without warning, it will show you blue screen with error code. This error code will inform you what is Windows problems in your computer & why your computer shutdown without warning.

Feel free to get online technical support to fix your computer problems. Just Call on Toll-Free number(1-866-541-1792) & get 24*7 expert help for online diagnostic and troubleshooting.

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