April 13, 2012

Fix webcam problems in hp laptop

Sometimes the HP laptop built-in webcam does not work. This issue can be occur from hardware problem unless the built-in camera is broken or it is a problem with the webcam configuration or a device driver problem.

Fix webcam problems in hp laptop
To find hp support to fix this issue, first uninstall the older device drivers and then install the latest device drivers. You can also download the latest webcam drivers from the internet and install the new device drivers.

If you are using a Windows 7 operating system, there are some easy steps to manually fix hp problems related to your webcam- 

Step1: First go to Control panel & open the 'Device manager'.

Step2: Now go to your Hp laptop webcam option & completely uninstall it.

Now your laptop will restart automatically, then follow given steps: 

Step3: Now go to HP manufacture site & in the download option, select your model number.

Step4: After selecting the laptop model number from site, click on 'Software & Drivers Downloads'.

Step5: Now you need to choose your operating system & select the given updates & follow all instructions to download it.

After complete download, install supported driver for your hp laptop webcam. After install driver, reboot your laptop again and check that your webcam is working properly or not.

I hope it will fix your webcam not working issue if laptop is not facing any hardware issue.

Feel free to get online technical support to fix your computer problems. Just Call on Toll-Free number(1-866-541-1792) & get 24*7 expert help for online diagnostic and troubleshooting.

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