April 18, 2012

Fix Hp laptop freezing problem

It’s no secret that many hp laptops are facing freezing problems stem from either a software or hardware driver incompatibility, or system process overload, or virus & malware issue. The main reason behind hp laptop freeze up is program conflicts. Older programs cause conflicts when loaded on laptop with new versions of operating system. So check your installed program to fix the conflicting issue.

Fortunately, if your hp laptop computer is having a constant freezing problem, there are several things you can do to fix it -

Step1: Whenever you Hp laptop face freeze problem, first try to restart it in order to diagnose the problem.

Fix Hp laptop freezing problem
Step2: The most common problem that causes computers to freeze up periodically is the presence of a computer virus. Download one of best antivirus and perform virus removal operation on all disks.

Step3: Once virus removal process is done, apply disk defragment operation of your hard disk. It will manage your files that may have been displaced and puts them back. It can some time but once it finished, lot of hard disk related issue will be fix.

Step4: Also run a disk cleanup program to delete temporary and cache files that might be infected file may be responsible for hp problems. Run any disk cleaner program and select your hard drive and then waiting for it to analyze files that it will delete.

Step5: After applying all these above methods, it might be possible that your hp laptop frizzing could be solved; otherwise you need to reformat your hard drive.

If the hp laptop is still freezing after all of the above steps have been taken, you may have persistent malware on your computer, which can only be removed by completely formatting your computer hard disk.

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