April 04, 2012

Fix CD/DVD drive not showing issue

It is very common computer problem for you when you insert a disk into your disk drive it doesn’t come up at all. Sudden you find that your CD/DVD drive missing or doesn’t exist in my-computer window. So its time to fix computer problems with follow very easy steps. I am sharing here one of the easiest method to fix CD/DVD drive not showing problem in your PC, and these steps are -

Step1: First go to 'start' menu and right click on 'My computer', then select 'Manage' option.

Step2: Now 'Computer Management' window will be open, and then click on 'storage' option from the list.

Step3: Now click on 'Disk Management' option from the right of the window.

Step4: Then right click on your device and select all letters and path according to your use.

Step5: Now a new window pop-up will open, and then click on 'add' button in this pop-up.

Step6: Now select any alphabets from the list and click on 'OK' button to save the setting & close the pop-up window.

Its time to check your setting result in your my computer window. I hope you will see there CD/DVD drive now.

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