June 06, 2011

Advantages of Windows/Microsoft Updates: An Overview

Many users think that Windows doesn’t require regular updates as these are irrelevant and time wasters. If you are one of those thinkers then the article is dedicated to you. 

Advantages of Windows/Microsoft Updates

Software – The updates allow Windows applications/programs such as Microsoft Office, Windows Media Player, or Internet Explorer to function smoothly and enhance their efficiency. Besides, these updates automatically rectify the technical errors and glitches that sometimes erupt in software or other programs.

Security – Windows is highly vulnerable to malware attacks as it has open port functionality that lets applications or programs interact with other devices or applications. These open ports function as an entry point for virus/malware developers. These ports have to be constantly secured by a strong security software such as anti-virus/anti-spyware along with a firewall. The Windows updates install latest patches and improved security definitions that monitor a PC’s online, offline activities and protect it from viruses, Trojans, spyware etc. Therefore, these updates enhance a PC’s defense system against malicious infections.

 Flaws – Some internal technical glitches or OS flaws can make a PC malfunction, crash, freeze, or perform sluggish. The Windows updates regularly repair such small flaws and enhance the PC’s functionality and efficiency. 

Performance – Since, updates frequently repair and improve internal OS components, they allow Windows to operate at higher efficiency by removing flaws and smoothening communication between software and hardware.

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