June 08, 2011

How To Upgrade from Vista to Windows 7

If you’re currently running Vista and want to upgrade to Windows 7, it’s very simple to upgrade your PC to Windows 7 – in fact, your files and settings won’t even be touched in the process. This article explains how to upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7.

Before starting the upgrade process there are a few things you need to do. To check the Windows 7 compatibility with your system, use Windows 7 upgrade advisor. Once you get green signal follow the steps given below.

Steps to upgrade from Vista to Windows 7

1. Determine the current hardware you are using to access the internet. It should be either a LAN card or motherboard feature for the wired network connection or a Wi-fi card or motherboard feature for the wireless network connection. Go to the manufacturer's website and download a driver for Windows 7. Do not install the driver, keep a copy of the file either on CD, DVD, memory card, or USB drive.

2. Save any important files you cannot live without on an external hard drive, memory cards, USB drive, or burned to DVD's next.

3. Use the Windows 7 backup tool to make an image of your current hard drive. This software is included on the Windows 7 DVD.

4. Insert the Windows 7 DVD to start the upgrade. The direct upgrade will work for only Windows Vista with Service pack 1 or Service pack 2 installed.

5. Allow Windows 7 to download the latest upgrades. During the installation Windows will give you the option. Accept the upgrades and continue. After the update is complete continue installation of Windows 7 upgrade on your existing computer.

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