June 21, 2011

How to disable Aero in Windows 7?

Windows is the best and the most preferred operating system when it comes to easy user interface. It is used in almost all the computers across the world. Windows default theme uses Aero as the graphical user interface in Window 7. The default theme of operating system makes use of Windows Aero but it is executable only when the hardware and the OS edition supports it. But most of the people do not use Aero. But using aero and its affects is a great boon to Windows 7 users. Again on the other hand it makes the computer slow as it uses the memory of the computer and as a result computer gets a low memory.

While going for the minute research of the system, it is found that aero uses upto 50-60megabytes of RAM. But still most of the people complain that the system turns slow when aero runs. But it is only a myth. But the speed of the system also depends on the processor and 50-60 Megabytes do not slow up the computer of 7-8 Gigabytes but can certainly bring difference is the PC is 1-2 Gigabytes. If you want, you can also disable Aero and remain aloof from the unwanted memory space.

 Disabling Aero in Windows 7
Disabling Aero is not a daunting task and hence it can be done very easily without any technical support. It is required to select any of the Windows theme without Aero Support. Right click on the desktop and select the Personalize option from the context menu.

This will open the Personalization Control Panel and it displays all the themes installed on the operating system. The themes located here are both with aero support and without aero support. Now, to disable Aero, select any of the Basic and High Contrast Themes and select it with a double click. It is recommended to select the Windows default theme which comes without aero. Then apply ythe theme and hence aero is turned off.
To Know whether aero is turned off or not you just need to see the titlebar, if it is transparent, aero is enabled but if the titlebar is opaque, aero is disabled. So you now disabled aero without microsoft tech support and within a few minutes.

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