June 16, 2011

Windows 7: Clean Install vs Upgrade install

Now-a-days, it has become very easy for the people to buy new PCs or laptops. There is no problem regarding the installation of windows 7. This is a great help to the users and hence they become quite relaxed as the users remain aloof from installation. When I went to buy a laptop, I was relieved as I did not have to install Windows 7 but it was pre-installed.

When it comes to installing an operating system, there are two ways of installing it.

1. Clean Install

2. Upgrade install

Clean Install: When you install a fresh copy of windows 7 to your system, it is called as clean install. While installing, you need to keep the backup of the files or they might get deleted. Installation of Windows 7 on an empty disk is done.

Upgrade Install: In this process, insert the Windows 7 disk and allow it to take further options. It will automatically update your running operating system to Windows 7.

What do you prefer?

The clean install means that you need to reboot your system and install the operating system once again. This process might require online technical support and with its help you can install a fresh copy of the operating system. Again, upgrade install of the windows might make it easier for you as you do not need to search for the Microsoft support but can easily install it. It will run on its own and will perform its necessary steps.

If  I am asked to choose amongst the two, I would go for the upgrade install. It is an easy process and can be performed quite easily. The upgrade install is one of the most easiest and the best way to go for.

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