June 27, 2011

How to fix Windows 7 from restarting

Windows 7 has many additional features as compared to the previous versions of the Windows. However, many users complain that Windows 7 keeps restarting in their computer. This problem is not very difficult to fix. In this blog we have tried to explain how to fix windows 7 if it keeps rebooting.

First of all check that if your start button has got some trouble because sometimes due to the fault in start button the computer restarts all the time. If you are booting into the computer easily and the restarting problem occurs then the problem is most probably the corrupted registry. The registry in Windows 7 is a very important component. It stores all the important information about Computer programs. It is very vital to have a repaired and cleaned Windows registry.

Here are the steps that you should do if your Windows 7 keeps rebooting:

     1. Cool down your computer and clean it from inside.

     2. Adjust RAM and the power supply and make it sure that every hardware is properly configured.

     3. Run scan for malwares and viruses.

     4. Clean Windows registry through an effective registry repairing program.

 The above steps will surely help you if your Windows 7 keeps restarting itself.

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