August 04, 2011

How to Make Google the Default Search Engine

Google Chrome is a latest web browser developed by Google. Chorme is designed to be the fastest web browser in every possible way. If you're using Google Chrome as a web browser to browse the Internet and you want Google as your search engine. In many cases, a competing search engine such as Yahoo or Bing make take over as the default search engine in Google Chrome. If such an instance occurs, you can change the default engine back to Google's search engine.

Steps to Make Google the Deafault Search Engine

•    Click "Start," "All Programs," "Google Chrome." Alternatively, click the "Start" orb and type "chrome" in the instant search box. Google Chrome appears in the list for you to choose

•    Click the "Wrench" pull-down menu on the far right-hand corner of your screen and choose "Options."

•    Select the "Default Search" pull-down menu and choose "Google."

•    Click "Close." The next search you perform now uses Google as your default search engine.

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