August 01, 2011

How to Set Security for Netgear

PC have become an important part of our lives and almost no computer is complete without internet access. Router is one of the most important devices when you want connect a single internet connection with several computers in an area specified by you. There are many brands of routers available in the market including Linksys, Netgear, Belkin and D-Link. To protect your wireless Router from those who do not have the wireless password you have to set up security for the Wireless router

Steps to Set Security for Netgear:

•    Open a Web browser and type "" into the address bar. Press "Enter."

•    Type "admin" and "password" for the username and password, respectively, then press "Enter."

•    Click "Wireless Settings."

 •    Click "WPA2-PSK" under "Security Options."

•    Enter a password in the "Passphrase" box.

•    Click "Apply" to save and apply the settings. Any currently connected wireless clients must disconnect, then reconnect using the new password.

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