June 25, 2012

How to install a Hp printer on a Dell computer

Hp printers are compatible with most brands of computer systems including Dell. The installing of an Hp printer with a Dell computer requires the same installation steps as any other compatible system. 

You must configure your Dell computer to the Hp printer settings for the two machines to work together. Windows has a printer installation wizard to walk you through the process of setting up the Dell computer to use the Hp printer. Also find some troubleshooting tips if your Hp printer showing it is busy.

Find here quick steps to install Hp printer and some additional tips to avoid some Hp printer problems while installing Hp printer -

Step 1: Connect the Hp printer USB cable to Dell computer USB port.

Step 2: Now go to 'Start -> Devices and Printers -> Add a printer'.

Step 3: Select 'Local printer attached to the system' and click 'Next' to use the existing printer port. 

Step 4: Select manufacture 'Hewlett Packard' and your Hp printer model, and click 'Next'.

Step 5: Now give a name to your Hp printer and click 'Next'.

Step 6: Select 'not to share the printer' and click 'Next', and check the box to make it default printer for your Dell computer. Click 'Finish'.

You can also click 'Print test page' button on the last page of the printer installation wizard if you want to check that printer is printing or not.

If you are unable to print a test page, go to 'Start -> Control Panel -> Printers and Other Hardware' and check that printer is offline or online. If it is offline, make sure it is plugged up correctly to your Dell computer or go through the installation process again to help these Hp printer problems.

Also check the Hp Printer website for an updated printer driver if you do not have any yet.

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