June 28, 2012

How to setup family filter protection in McAfee

McAfee Parental Controls helps parents protect their children from the unknown dangers of the Internet. It lets parents manage how each child can communicate across the Internet. It provides the protection that you need while still allowing your child to use the Internet safely. You can specify an age group to only allow age-appropriate content, and restrict access to the internet to certain times. You also need to know what's new in McAfee total protection 2012 before setup McAfee Parents Controls.

You can also secure your personal identification and financial information and prevent these and other specified pieces of information about you or your family from being transmitted out over the Internet without your permission, enhancing your privacy and helping to protect your identity. 

So this McAfee help guide discover here how can you easily setup McAfee family protection with few steps, find below –

Step 1: Right-click the McAfee icon from the system tray at the bottom and select 'Open SecurityCenter'. You can also remove McAfee Security Center if you don’t need.

How to setup family filter in McAfee
Step 2: 'SecurityCenter' window will be opened. Select 'Parental Controls' then click 'Configure' and click 'Advanced'.

Step 3: Click a user account in the list and click 'Edit' to modify its parental control settings. Click a setting such as 'Young Child ', 'Child', 'Younger Teen', 'Older Teen' or 'Adult' to set an appropriate content filter for the user's age.

Step 4: Click the 'This User Can Only Access Sites in the Allowed Web Sites List' if you want to restrict access to all websites except those you specifically allow. You can also set time limit grid to specify times the user can't access the Internet. Also find here why McAfee block verified web content?

Step 5: Now click 'Filtered Web Sites' on the side of the window and type website address into the box at the bottom of the Filtered Web Sites pane and click 'Block' or 'Allow' to specifically block or allow certain websites.

Step 6: Click 'Keywords' at the left side of the window and click 'On' if you want to enable keyword filtering. It will block websites containing these words for specific age groups.

You may install this product for peace of mind and your children are safe to learn, explore, play, communicate and enjoy the Internet.  

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