June 06, 2012

Why McAfee block verified web content?

McAfee is a well known antivirus and internet security tool, which not only prevents the download of viruses and hacking attempts on your computer or laptop, but also provides a built-in feature that recognizes dangerous websites and stops them from opening in your browser.

McAfee includes content filter program that can be used for setting up controls for web browsing for any one who is using the computer. But sometimes, McAfee blocks verified content on the web but you know that it is safe and verified. It can be very frustrating if this McAfee problem occurs again and again. But you can fix it to stop blocking the verified content again. Follow the given tips below-
Why McAfee block verified web content?

Unblock web images:

Sometimes McAfee blocks images on websites and places the McAfee logo on the page in place of images despite that these are verified. To fix it, you need to make changes in McAfee content blocking feature. Find here how to remove McAfee Site Advisor.

Unblock pop-ups:

Pop-ups can be annoying and malicious software such as adware and spyware use pop-ups. These especially occur when you're in the middle of a game or any you are using any chat rooms. But sometimes McAfee blocks these pop-ups before they appear and show a new message saying pop-ups blocked by McAfee. But you can fix it by disabling the pop-up blocking feature. Launch McAfee and click 'Options'. Click 'Block Ads' and uncheck 'Block Pop-Ups on this computer'. Now refresh web page and check to determine that the issue has been rectified.

Unblocking legal emails:

McAfee prevents you from spam email attachment, spam sender and provides sensitive information so that your computer is not infected from viruses. But sometime McAfee blocks authenticated email messages and divert these emails to spam folder instead of your inbox. But you can fix it; add trusted senders to your contacts list to resolve this content filtering problem.

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