June 04, 2012

How to reset hp laptop without restore/recovery disc

It’s no secret that your HP laptop normally start without any problem, but at times it may hang at the Windows startup screen.  This is exactly when you will need your HP restore disk to reset your HP laptop. And guess what you don't have the original disk or don't even have time to buy one. Imagine the amount of frustration that you will have to go through then.Yes, immeasurable.

So, there are two ways to restore HP laptop if you do not have any backup or recovery disc. Either you can perform system restore in Windows or you can do PC recovery from HP hard drive.
How to reset hp laptop without restore/recovery disc 
System restore simply backs up your HP laptop to an earlier date when it was functioning properly whereas the PC recovery feature actually backs up your HP laptop to its original settings.

Using System restore procedure:

System restore is an easy procedure and its steps are same in all Windows operating system. So find here easy tech guide for how to restore your computer to its earlier date.

Using PC recovery procedure:

Your HP laptop has the restore files loaded onto a hidden drive. With the press of one button, you will have your HP laptop restored and running again. So we are sharing here few easy steps on this hp support blog about how to reset your HP laptop without a restore disc. Find easy steps below -
Step 1: First close all the running programs and shut down your HP laptop. Turn it on again.

Step 2: When your laptop start screen appears, immediately press 'F10' until the recovery menu appears. Click 'Next' in 'Recovery menu' window.

Step 3: You will see two options viz. nondestructive recovery or destructive recovery on the menu. Nondestructive recovery is generally recommended because it doesn't format your hard drive or erase your data whereas destructive recovery format your hard drive and erase any other personal file. So click 'Yes' to select and execute the 'Nondestructive recovery' procedure here.

Step 4: Now the restore process will start and after that your laptop will restart automatically.
After restarting your HP laptop, you will notice that updates are taking place more frequently, which is due to your system being restored to default factory settings.

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