July 30, 2012

How to Fix “Microsoft Office 2007 Not Opening Support” Issue

How often it happens that you run in troubles while using the Microsoft Office 2007 applications. Sometimes the problems go away with a simple reboot or by closing and reopening the programs. However, sometimes they make you sweat all over and eat up your precious time like anything. Users often complain about finding nothing useful after exploring the universe and sitting at the same level they started from to resolve a problem. I can help you with that. Check the steps below and fix your Microsoft Office 2007 problems:

Below are the issues that might occur or recur when using Microsoft Office 07 applications:
  • Mouse stops working in Microsoft Word, but in other applications it runs fine
  • Cannot open Excel spreadsheet in Outlook 2007
  • Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook.  Cannot open the Outlook window.
  • Can’t open Outlook in the regular mode, it only opens in the safe mode
  • Excel performs really slow when opening Excel documents after upgrading to the Office 2007
  • Cannot open documents in desired format
  • Can’t open any Office application like Word, Excel, or Access etc.
1. For the Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook error, click StartRun (if it's Windows 7, use Start Search box) and type ‘Outlook.exe /resetnavpane’ (without quotes). Hit Enter. It should resolve your problem instantly.

2. Repair the Office suite by going in Control Panel> selecting Add or Remove Programs. Select the Microsoft Office 2007 and click the Change/Remove button. When prompted, click Yes or OK to repair the program. This should resolve any internal conflict in the Office 07 suite. Make sure that you choose Repair and not Uninstall

3. Open Outlook in the Safe Mode. You need to log on as an admin to run it in the Safe mode. Disable all the add-ins and try to open Outlook again in the normal mode.

4. If the mouse doesn’t work in Microsoft Word, try this fix. Exit all the Office 2007 programs. Click Start> Run> and type ‘regedit’ (without quotes) in the box. Hit Enter. For Windows 7, use the Start Search box to type this command. If prompted, type the admin password to continue.

5. On the Registry Editor window, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER> Software> Microsoft> Office> 12.0> Word> Data. Right-click Data and select Delete. When prompted click Yes. Close Registry Editor and reboot your PC. It shall fix the problem.

6. If Excel performs slowly after upgrade to Office 2007, try this. Open Microsoft Excel, click the Office button (a round Office logo at the extreme top left hand corner), and click Excel Options at the bottom. On the next screen, click Add-ins from the left hand panel and click Go. Click the add-in that you want to disable and click OK. Exit all the windows and reopen Excel, it should work fine.

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